Four Leaf Clover Necklace

I love 4-leaf clovers!

I feel happy when I find one and I feel special in some way. I think that is the good luck that they bring. They 4 leaf clover necklace help us feel good for a day or an hour or for the rest of our lives! They are a gift to us from our Mother! It doesn’t matter if some people don’t believe that they bring good luck… because if I believe they bring good fortune, then for me… they do!

I have found them occasionally throughout my childhood and it was always a memorable and happy occasion for sharing with others. Now I live in Geneva, Switzerland and I have found about 10 of them in the past two years, just out back in the courtyard. And last week, I found my first 5-leaf clover! I didn’t pick that one… it was too special.once when I was visiting my dad (was probably 12 or thirteen then) I spent a whole afternoon in a clover patch outside his apartment and found 14 fourleaf clovers I think I still have them somewhere in a bag, maybe I don’t have them anymore.

It’s interesting to see other people’s ideas about 4-leaf clovers shamrock four leaf clover .
For myself, I have found so many I have no idea. I remember find 600 one summer as a teenager when I was challenging myself.
I have also found many 5, quite a few 6 and 7 leaves and one 8 and one 9 leaf clover.
After I became and adult and moved to the city, the opportunity to find interesting clover has decreased. But I still love it when I find them. Now, I often give them to other people because they’re like puppies–they just make people happy.

I recently stumbled across a Irish four leaf clover at my school and was incredibly pleased. I once found two on my primary school oval right near each other and consequently didn’t think they were that rare. I was 9 at the time. After I learned of their rarity and significance I have always kept an eye open for the four leaved flower. I went back to where i found the four leaved clover recently and to my astonishment I witnessed another four leaved clover and a six leaved!
I carefully removed them from the ground right down to their roots and have planted them in a pot with the hope to breed them for my own satisfaction shamrock 4 leaf clover .

I have had a knack for finding 4 leaf clovers since I was a child. I can spot them immediately. Almost every time I go out in the yard I bring back in several. I never pass a clover patch that I don’t look for a 4 leaf. Yesterday afternoon I was outside for 20 minutes and brought back in 32 4 leaf clovers that I found in 5 different clover patches through out the yard. This morning I found 10 4 leafs and 2 5 leaf clovers. I should be the luckiest girl in the world and who knows maybe I am. I will keep on looking for those 4 leafs Irish 4 leaf clover .

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