Frog-hunting youth finds five-legged rarity – Jackson County Chronicle

Published – Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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Frog-hunting youth finds five-legged rarity

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by Matthew Perenchio | Executive Editor


Eight-year-old Jaden Sacia enjoys catching frogs. Sometimes the Melrose Township youth uses a net, but he also uses his hands to add to the challenge of the chase.

Sacia often hunts frogs with his brother. Normally they’ll just catch and release them, and sometimes they keep them for a while. One time they even had to see what frog legs tasted like.

But Sacia’s frog-hunting legacy so far comes down to a catch about four weeks ago. He was with his cousin at the family’s cabin in Franklin Township when a slippery frog gave him a little work. After taking the frog home, he noticed it had five legs.

“I tried to grab it and it got away, and then I tried again and put my hand down and got it,” Sacia said. “I didn’t notice it at first … but then I saw it had five legs.”

He said his initial reaction to the discovery was “That’s sweet.”

The small frog has an extra leg that’s attached to its back left leg. Other than having a difficult time turning over if it’s on its back, the frog doesn’t seem to be affected by the extra limb.

Jaden is the son of Paul and Dana Sacia, and both said Jaden was thrilled about his discovery.

“He was pretty excited,” Paul said. “He was hollering, ‘Come see what I found.’”

The Mindoro Elementary third-grader even took the frog to school for show and tell. Jaden said some classmates found the frog gross but some friends thought it was neat.

Jaden doesn’t have a favorite number, but he recently has had peculiar luck in finding five-themed oddities in nature. Over the summer, he found a five-leaf clover in the field near his house.

Jaden lost the clover after placing it near his bike, but oddly enough a friend found another five-leaf clover and gave it to him.

Jaden has kept the frog in a glass aquarium and has been feeding it flies, but he intends to eventually release it back into the wild. He never gave the frog a name and said he’s content going out and trying to catch more frogs.

“I’m just going to let it go,” he said.

But the tale of the five-legged frog won’t soon be forgotten.

“That’s all he’s been talking about,” Dana said. “He’s been excited and telling everyone about it.”


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