Celebrities reveal their good luck charms

Do you find someone in your life
almost constantly exerting a positive influence on you, one that brings you good fortune and joy?Well, that person could be your good luck charm, your personal angel who uplifts you from the dreariness of life.

Says businesswoman and naturopath Rita Dhody: “I believe that a person who brings positivity into my life, something that raises my spirits and consciousness is the greatest good luck charm.

My spiritual mentor, Swami Muktananda, remains my favourite good luck charm of all. I’m imbibing life through the raised consciousness I experience by practicing his teachings. It’s like having opened myself up to a continous multi-dimensional experience.”
Says gallerist Pravina Mecklai,

“My husband Jamal is my good luck charm in every sense of the word. My life has become complete in every way after I met him. It’s shown its effects in what I am, into what my professional life has evolved into, and in what our family is today.”

Model and actor Rashmi Nigam concurs with Rita’s experience of positivity, only that she finds it in the conversations she has with her best friend.

“Some people bring out the best in you and my friend Zarina is like that. We’re so much in sync with each other, maybe it’s because we’ve had similar experiences in life. Whenever I call her up, I find myself uplifted. She makes me see the positive side of things and helps me find the solution to my problems. Between us there is total acceptance without an attempt to hide our real selves and very importantly we’re not judging each other all the time.”

Designer Falguni Peacock too believes that it is a member in her family who is her good luck charm. “I feel my daughter has proved to be lucky for us.After she was born our business expanded, work grew and we gained more recognition as professionals.It’s true that your luck changes when some people come into your life. While I also feel that it’s a question of the right time that brings luck, the birth of my daughter has definitely brought with it a new day for us.”

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