Fearne Cotton pictured in Balagan’s – Professional Jeweller

Fearne Cotton is the latest star to be pictured in Balagan's. Picture by Getty

Fearne Cotton is the latest star to be pictured in Balagan’s. Picture by Getty

Radio 1 DJ and television personality Fearne Cotton has been photographed in Balagan’s lucky four leaf clover necklace, from their Blowing in the Wind collection, in this month’s Look Magazine.

It’s not the first time the delicate piece has found itself in the hands of a celebrity after Sarah Jessica Parker wore it whilst playing the Sex and the City lead role of Carrie Bradshaw.

As previously reported, the collection uses real, hand-picked clovers for each piece with every clover being checked for imperfections and, if it passes inspection, then fitted with an electrical contact point and hand painted with a copper solution.

After drying, the clovers are then placed in an electrolytic solution which has microscopic particles of 24ct gold. The electrical contact attracts the particles of gold and the metal builds up on the clover to form a coating, which preserves even the most intricate and minute surface details.

The clovers are then checked a final time to ensure the process has not magnified any previously unnoticed imperfections, before being approved. The lucky clovers are available in silver or vintage gold finish and can be worn on a 16” or 24” chain.


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