Irish Shamrock’s Beautiful Flowers: A Photograph « The Power of Words

Sharing some flower power with you in this photograph of my Irish Shamrock (or 4 leaf clover) plant that just keeps sprouting these  beautiful delicate flowers.  I had no idea clover had flowers and this plant I’ve had, since my recent trip to Ireland (around St. Patty’s Day 2010) just keeps blooming.

It’s sort of like life, at least my observation of my own observations of life.  I never really noticed and just because I never noticed, it didn’t stop sending forth its flowers.  A lot happens around me, whether or not I choose to recognize, let alone participate, life does continue.

Again, another lesson from the naturalness of mother nature.  Enjoy these little delicacies; drink in their colour, imagine their aroma and think about the plant that gave birth to them, the “lucky irish 4 leaf clover.”  Next comes the leprechauns…and then the pot of gold. But, actually, wait….I already have the pot of gold; all the gifts that came with my birth.

this is beautiful, but not a lucky four leaf clover…


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