Is your Anixiety today caused by Friggatriskaidekaphobia: fear of …

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Black cats, broken mirrors, ladder underpasses and Friday the 13th are just Stupid-stition… I mean Superstition.  The only power they have is the power you give them!! So, don’t let today “worry” you at all… Many people give Friday the Thirteenth too much power!!

Ya, granted they did make many movies about it with the same name… but Freddy is only dreamed up… I would not sleep on that.

Friggatriskaidekaphobia the Friday the 13th or triskaidekaphobia – the fear of the number 13 does affect a great many people and even businesses!! I bet you have never seen the number 13 in “any” elevators you’ve been in that had more than 13 floors.  The Good News that should lower your anxiety level is… TODAY is the lone “Friday the 13th” of 2010!!

It’s just another day… Now where is my rabbit foot and lucky 4 leaf clover?!

Here are a few facts I found:

To mark the occasion, we’ve drafted a list of 13 facts about today’s superstitious date by Heather B: (Friday The 13th Superstitions)

  1. According to folklorists, there is no written evidence for a “Friday the 13th” superstition before the 19th century.
  2. The British Medical Journal writes that there is a significant increase in traffic-related accidents when the date is Friday the 13th.
  3. Every year has at least one Friday the 13th, but no more than 3.
  4. The longest period that can occur without a Friday the 13th is fourteen months.
  5. SAW the ride opened at Thorpe Park in the UK on Friday March 13, 2009.  The ride was marred by “teething problems” for the first few days after it opened.
  6. The independent horror flick Friday the 13th was released in May 1980, grossing $39.7 million at the box office, despite being produced with a budget of only $550,000.
  7. The Athens Olympic Games opened on Friday, August 13, 2004.
  8. Famous people born on Friday the 13th include: Samuel Beckett (April 13, 1906); Margaret Thatcher (October 13, 1923); Fidel Castro (August 13, 1926); and Steve Buscemi (December 13, 1957).
  9. Tupac Shakur died on Friday, September 13, 1996.
  10. The Uruguayan rugby team’s plane crashed in the Andes mountain range on Friday October 13, 1972.
  11. There are 13 steps to the gallows, 13 knots in a hangman’s noose, and the guillotine blade falls 13 ft.
  12. Many hospitals have no room 13, and most airports don’t have a Gate 13.  Apartment buildings often do not have a floor 13.
  13. 2012 has 3 Fridays that fall on the thirteenth…  Oooooh Nooooooo.


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“Is Friday the 13th Anxiety Today Caused by Friggatriskaidekaphobia? [NEW Cartoon]”

Melissa Mashburn at 7:54 am on August 15th, 2010

Cool Facts!

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