I Ran Over A Four Leaf Clover

It’s just so hot all the mowing is getting behind and I know many other peoples are too. At first our excuse was gas prices and that was so nice we will just now blame it on the heat. I do a certain part though to keep my husband from mowing every flower and bush I have and I cannot do it except mornings while he prefers the sun. It took an hour to get the red off my face even at that with a cold cloth, sun is not my friend! We have a pretty huge yard too and it doesn’t seem fair to make him do it all, it takes a fair amount of time. I hear thunder now, it always comes as soon as you mow to make it grow back faster! I am here though to talk about four leaf clovers, good luck charms, superstitions and their affect on us.

I have mentioned before how lucky I am finding four leaf clovers but so many things of superstition I just feel is so wrong. Four leaf clovers are probably the least of the problem superstitions, nothing bad happens as far as I have heard and they are rare. Probably harmless fun if you don’t really put any faith in them.

I was mowing this morning and I saw a beautiful one with all fours out evenly and I felt an “Oh no!” as I ran right over it. It is hard to find one so perfect I could see quite clearly that far away. I even went back to see if it was lucky enough to have been missed. But no, and I wonder will another grow in its place?

I feel really bad about superstitions, I think they are really, really wrong. I went probably the first sixteen years of my life avoiding stepping on a crack; that might break my mother’s back. Well maybe I was mad at her one day but I stepped on them all and found out that wasn’t true.

Isn’t it so silly and I am sure everyone has at least one and they are so very aggravating. Don’t walk under a ladder. Well I learned that one right after I got married when my husband painted with his dad sometimes, especially. Well there were many incidences with me and those ladders if he was painting for us or I was around his house when he was painting, watch out. Really though, can I blame that on the ladder? He could hardly see and was almost deaf all the years I knew him. So eventually I would go under ladders on purpose as long as my father-in-law was not around.

I always thought if your palm itches you were going to get some unexpected money. No, it has to be the left palm, and don’t scratch it, with the right one itching meaning you will meet someone new, shake hands with a stranger; take your pick.

Do we all think just a little what we can just put off when it is Friday the thirteenth? The good thing about that now is, I never know the date! I don’t even put my little cursor down in the right corner every day to see. What does it matter? I know the month and the day of the week, that’s good enough.

Mirrors? I have broken so many I wouldn’t have a chance. I am sure I have said somewhere in a story the horseshoe I put over my door fell on my head.

Black cats walking in front of you or crossing in front of your car is suppose to be bad luck. We know that is idiotic but wouldn’t we rather it didn’t happen? And what about those black cats squooshed in the road?

What about all that salt Rachael Rae tosses over her shoulder for good luck? We can’t get away from it!

Knocking on wood for good luck, but doesn’t that go with something else happening? I can’t remember. One is like if you say the same thing as someone else at the same time and lock little fingers with each other and make a wish, it will come true. That’s great for children but with adults it would be sort of a who, what, when and why, wouldn’t it? And your spouse better not be around!

The umbrella not to be opened in the house? Now I can tell you for a fact you aren’t going to open it and start out the door, no one does that. That one got started by an astute housewife not wanting people bringing their wet umbrellas in and making a mess for her to clean up!

Well we all know someone so many centuries ago started most of this nonsense and it has been changed and built upon and I am really amazed how many people live by all these things and then some; even more amazed I still let some of them bother me somewhat.

As Christians though (and some using that as Jesus crucified on a Friday!) we know we should only say, this is not of the Christian faith and let it go. Good luck charms, good witches, voodoo, love potions, magic spell; none of that is pleasing to God and we know that. I suggest at any time one of these come up and bother us we simply thank God for the truth he has sent us and say get thee behind me satan! If you will notice I never spell satan with a capital letter. He is a god to many but he is not my God.

Don’t miss the video for a little fun. God doesn’t mind us having fun as long as it isn’t something he can’t be invited to, and the marriage bed is sacred, I think meaning God does not go there leaving those happenings up to you. Just thought I’d throw that in. I don’t know why.


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