Cramlington crash survivor Raymond Curry returns to scene of impact – Cramlington

Miraculously, the stake missed all of his vital organs. When he was examined by A&E medics, they found a four-leaf clover stuck to his back. Today, still recovering at his Oulton Close home, in Cramlington, Ray said: “I could just see lots of smashed plastic when I got there. The crash happened much further down the road than I thought.

“It was very eerie going back there and seeing where the fence was supposed to be and how big the poles are. I was just interested to see it. It really brought it home to me how big the crash was and how lucky I am.

“It made me feel sick. But I was impressed at how the air ambulance managed to land in such a small space.”

Ray’s survival came while he was making his way to work in Alnwick, just after 9am on June 1.

With no time to spare, the Great North Air Ambulance Service flew the casualty to Newcastle General Hospital, where skilled surgeons removed the stake and then found Ray’s car air-freshener inside him.

Aware how lucky he is to be alive, the driver has refused to bin his lucky clover, instead giving it pride of place in his bedroom.

Ray said: “My thoughts have turned back to driving a car.

“I found it difficult getting back in to begin with, but my dad refused to let it become a problem for me.”

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