What luck; 4-leaf clovers abundant – Topeka Capital Journal

Donna Nish does lots of nice things for folks without asking anything in return, her friends say, so it would stand to reason that some good fortune would come her way.

Lady luck may be smiling on Nish, 55, if her front yard is any indication.

So far this month, Nish said, she has found 21 four-leaf clovers and three five-leaf clovers in her front yard in the 900 block of N.E. Forest, in the city’s Oakland neighborhood.

“I’ve never seen this many four-leaf clovers,” Nish said earlier this week. “And the five-leaf clovers are very rare.”

According to legend, four-leaf clovers are supposed to bring luck to those who find them. The four-leaf clovers are a variation of the more common three-leaf variety.

Nish said she would gladly take the luck, but would be satisfied if it meant she could afford a much-needed hearing aid or get some work done on her 120-year-old home, or if those living in her neighborhood would come closer together.

In the meantime, she continues to find four-leaf clovers “popping up everywhere” in her yard.

She said she never seriously looked for four-leaf clovers until last year, when she found eight of them in the month of May. She kept the four-leaf clovers encased in plastic sleeves in a photo album.

When she saves the tiny plants in the photo album, Nish marks the date they were found and who found them.

Then things really started exploding this May on the four-leaf clover front. She has found up to a half dozen in a single day. She said she has looked up four-leaf clovers on the Internet and found that people are selling them on the eBay website — for as much as $20 apiece.

Nish said she didn’t have any plans to sell her four-leaf clovers. She said she has put some of them with their stems in small glasses of water. She said the clovers “close up at night and open up again in the morning.”

Some of her friends have come to her home and have found four-leaf clovers in her yard this May.

One of her friends, Darren Hoskins, who retired this week as a captain from the Kansas Army National Guard, said Nish was well-deserving of some good things to come into her life.

“She’s a blessed woman,” Hoskins said. “She’s survived so many different things.”

Hoskins has found some four-leaf clovers this month, something he said he tried to do unsuccessfully as a child.

“I used to look all the time when I was a kid,” he said, “and I never, ever found one.”

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