Lucy Lockets Jewellers make Sex and the City Style Achievable – (press release)

If you’re looking for an affordable way to replicate Sex and the City style, make sure you are armed with accessories! Lucy Lockets Jewellers stocks a range of affordable jewellery to ensure you too can replicate the glamour of the SATC girls!

With Sex and the City 2 set to take box offices by storm just in time for summer, there could hardly be a better time for women to start experimenting with the new styles that feature in the already exceptionally popular film. History has shown that what works in Sex and the City will take over high street trends and, given how many fabulous looks feature it the new film, it will certainly take some savvy shopping to keep up.

After the massive success of Sex and the City series six, Carries bold sense of style had even managed to inspire the resurgence of the nameplate necklace in popular fashion. With the new Sex and the City movie just released in the UK, show stylist Patricia Field is convinced Carries new four-leaf clover necklace will make a similar impact and is selling replicas on her website for around $72. Of course, as influential as all the girls styles are, nobody wants to be seen as directly copying from the show and, at prices like that, few people could afford to! Instead, women up and down the country are choosing their favourite looks and adapting them, using online jewellery shops to help them achieve their own personal looks to suit their own budget.

A sterling silver four-leaf clover charm from Lucy Lockets, for example, is a subtle nod to Carries new designer necklace that will set a buyer back less than £5. Combined with a selection of gold bracelets and diamond earrings from their extensive range, any Sex and the City fan will find herself spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding which of Carries looks they are going to centre their style around this summer.

Of course, the selection available isn’t solely for fans of Sex and the City. Established for over 30 years, Lucy Lockets is a Yorkshire-based and family owned jewellers, with a huge range of men’s, women’s and children’s jewellery. From rings and bracelets to necklaces and anklets, they offer jewellery to suit any budget and, as well as high street outlets, they now have a stunning website that is both easy to use and totally secure, allowing shoppers to browse at leisure from the comfort of their own home. All orders are packaged in special gift boxes, delivered straight to your door and, when you spend over £50, delivery is free! With the flexibility to browse not only by the type of jewellery you are looking for, but by the occasion as well, Lucy Lockets website guarantees a fine range of options, whatever the occasion.

Whether you’re a Sex and the City fan looking to create your own approach to the styles in the new movie, a jewellery-lover seeking something a bit different or a parent hoping to find for the perfect gift for a birthday Lucy Lockets Jewellers will have something for you.

Media Contact Information
Name: Jodie Harris
Phone: 01274 729725


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