Hunting For Four Leaf Clovers

Four Leaf Cloves are not hard to find, I find them all the Time! Yes they are right in front of you, But if you don’t know how to open up your eyes you’ll never find a single one. I looked on the ground for a 4 leaf clover and found this one on the video in under a minute. Most the time I was looking at the honey bee’s and one bumble bee. Lol…If you notice I’ve also found unknown creatures such as insects as well…thats cuz I had my eyes open then too. Yes! I think you all are blind! HAHAAHAHAHA and I’m rubbing it in YO FACE! 🙂 And if you’ve managed to find one well…even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes…I’ve found thousands of four leaf clovers! IN YO FACE AGAIN! : )


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